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Athletic Endorsement

K-Laser Endorsements

 Professional Athletic & Trainers

Gary Dobyns
National Bass Pro and owner of Dobyns Rods

Kent Brown
Ultimate Bass Radio
KHTK 1140

Randy Pringle

Timothy Venkus
Tournament Angler

Vince Harris

   Bass Fisherman

Doctor McGinnis and his companion Laser

Athletes of all kinds are using Klaser Class IV laser to improve there abilities and return to the spot light faster. Take for example doctor McGinnis’s companion Laser……


Dr McGinnis with Justin Lucas at FLW
Clear Lake event

See Who is Treating

Johnny Damon uses the Class IV Klaser.......
How about you?



          I am a runner. For the past 2 years I have been running with knee pain and have had knee pain going up and down the stairs. I am now going up and down the stairs with no pain and in 2 weeks will run another half marathon with no knee pain. I think that is incredible :) My last half marathon was in January and I thought that was my last. I use the laser on a lot of athletes since Bend is a very active town. I am currently compiling data on knee treatments, shoulder and carpal tunnel. I have had some amazing results.

Dr. Theresa Rubadue-Doi, D.C.
Bend, Oregon

  Team Endorsements

Sports Teams & Figures using our laser

• Cincinnati Bengals
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Cleveland Browns
• Buffalo Bills

• NY Yankees
• Detroit Tigers
• Pittsburgh Pirates
• Cleveland Indians
• Texas Rangers
• Washington Nationals

• Nashville Predators
• Florida Panthers
• Detroit Red Wings
• Toronto Maple Leafs
• Calgary Flames

• Auburn University
• University of Arkansas
• Middle Tennessee State University
• University at Buffalo

Premiere League
• Swansea City Swans

• US Women’s Olympic Team

• Rafael Nadal

Ultimate Fighting (UFC)
• Freddy “Detroit Diesel” George
• Carrington “JetSetter” Banks

NY Yankees
( Thanks Johnny)

Johnny Damon uses the Class IV Klaser.......
How about you?



You don't have to be a  athlete or   famous  to benefit from the Class IV laser technology.

The Class IV K Laser is widely used on humans and animals across the United States.

Call us we will help you find a location near you!

"you have nothing to lose ,but your pain"


US Womens Olympic Soccer Team

Abby Wambach

    Gary and Richard Dobyns
 Offical Laser Doctor  for
Dobyns Rods

Bass Pro Randy Pringle


I came to see Dr Mcginnis for a chronic Hamstring injury from my dancing. After four laser treatments and a few adjustments, my hamstring felt so much better. A pain I had been living with for six months
was gone. I was able to return to ballet after only four treatments in two weeks, with Dr McGinnis

thank you Dr McGinnis
Katya S

Non professional

Tri athlete

Achilles Tendinitis 



I'd like to take this opportunity to recount my experience with Dr. McGinnis and his use of the
K-laser to treat my acute Achilles tendinitis.

  I am a 66 year old triathlete and qualified for the USAT long course world competition in Henderson, Nevada taking place this fall.  I also had as a goal, the National age group Olympic Distance Competition to be held in Burlington, Vermont, Aug. 2011. 

This event would qualify me for Worlds in New Zealand in 2012. 

In training for the Long Course, I increased my run mileage, doing several half marathons.  Several factors in this training caused my left Achilles to swell to 3 times the thickness of my right heel. The injury began in the last part of March.  I was limping and even biking irritated it.  My hopes for being able to even finish the Vermont race were slim.

Desperately, I tried everything to heal it.  I had active release therapy, acupuncture, and then physical therapy.  Nothing was helping it no matter how many treatments of any of these I had.

At the beginning of August, I contacted Dr. McGinnis and told him my story.  I must say, I have never been treated by a more compassionate, understanding doctor.  He treated me and my injury with the dedication that it took to make my dreams of finishing the race on August 20th possible.

 I live and work in Chico, a town 90 miles north of Sacramento and he even went so far as to come through Chico one of the Fridays he was out of the office to treat me.  Every time I had a treatment, my Achilles tendinitis physically and visually improved.  He saw the necessity of keeping the treatments on a schedule of three times a week, scheduling me on his days off.  At the end of eight treatments I was on my way to Vermont. 

I was able to complete the race and even finished 12th out of 16 (after walking the first three miles and run/ walking the last three).

  I suffered no pain during the race. 
What a relief and a big THANK YOU Dr. McGinnis!

I plan on returning to have further treatments in hopes that this problem will not keep me from doing the sports I love most...running and biking.

Mary A
Chico, California

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