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Laser Therapy Center For Pain  

2020 Hurley Way Suite 190

Sacramento Ca 95825


Sacramento's only Class IV Laser Pain Center that caters to Anglers and sport injuries.


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This portion of the web site is dedicated to bringing information to the sector of sport fishing. Many anglers and other sports participants have injuries.These injuries have become debilitating and have caused individuals to have to stop  the sport that they enjoy.  We will concentrate on sport anglers but  this can apply to any sport or sport injury.
Below is a list of the top ten sport injuries and you will notice the top five are the major injuries that keep most sports fishing  participants from there favorite pass time.

In this case Bass fishing:

1. Muscle pull

2. Neck pain

3. Shoulder impingement

4. Lower back strain

5. Tennis elbow

6. Runners knee

7. Shin splints

8. Ankle sprain

9. Achilles Tendinitis

10. Arch pain


*Allan M Levy, M.D., team physician for the NY Giants and Mark Fuerst, professional health writer put the top 10 together.  You will notice that the top 5 will be found in Bass boats across the United States.

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Sacramento's only Class IV laser Pain center that caters to Anglers and sport injuries

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Laser Therapy Center For Pain  

2020 Hurley Way Suite 190

Sacramento Ca 95825



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