Laser Therapy for Pain

History of Laser

The History Of Lasers

Lasers have been used in other countries such as Europe, Russia, Canada and Australia ……for over 40 years. Albert Einstein is given credit for discovering lasers in 1916 and their use since 1960 in foreign countries has been under many different names . It was only recently that The North American Association Of Laser Therapy decided to bring all these names
under one heading and call it…..Photobiomodulation

Photobiomodulation:  Includes all of the following with a Class IV being the strongest of them all…….

Class IV Laser Therapy (most powerful)

LLLT: Low Level Laser Therapy
LILT: Low Intensity Laser Therapy
HPLT: High Powered Laser Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Soft Laser Therapy
Low Reactive Laser Therapy
Low Powered Laser Therapy
Light Emitting Diode Therapy
Low Energy Photon Therapy
Class III Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy (most powerful)

It has only been since 2002 that the FDA has cleared and allowed Class IV to be used in the United States!

Of the 2 categories of lasers:
surgical and
A Class IV Laser is the strongest therapeutic laser on the market today
and has made advance after advance since 2002

Laser Therapy Center....

today is a good day to change your life

"Pain is not normal and we weren't born with it"


Dr. J Rod McGinnis 
a pioneer in laser therapy on the west coast and 
the State of
Doctor  McGinnis personally  was one of the first 300 doctors to use Class IV lasers  in the United States and one of the first 50 in California, and has had
over 10 years of clinical use in his office in California

He also trains both on the human and veterinarian side for doctors that use the
 Class IV Laser nationally and western Canada. 

He gets remarkable results with the using laser therapy and he explains to all his patients that they will know in 3 treatments how the laser is going to work for them.... the pain will usually change after the first visit in most cases

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